A Blessing, A Reminder

After moving to Hingham, Santjes returned to her studio to create a series of new paintings, titled Poet-Tree: A Blessing, A Reminder. Inspired by the majesty of trees, the paintings use both text and images to reflect “the wisdom of the one-legged people,” where that which stands apparent above the ground is quietly present below, infused with the awe growing between and connecting the earth and the heavens.

Santjes conceived the idea from her love of walking and visiting the large trees in Hingham, contemplating leaving little blessings hung onto the trunks and branches for people to spontaneously encounter during their walks.

Honoring human’s reciprocal relationship with trees, Santjes wanted to bless the trees in the same way that they bless us. “We need to be reminded how blessed we are with the gift of life, and these paintings serve as an invitation to unwrap those gifts. Trees in their many forms give us this life, if we are just willing to receive it.”

Giclée prints are available to be purchased, either framed or unframed. Some of the images are available in boxed sets of note cards. Each set contains 6 cards with envelopes.