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Found in Transition

I received these 81 images that are now called Found in Transition in dreams and gave birth to them as paintings. Through my connection with Bon, the indigenous religion of Tibet, I discovered that this body of work evoked the ancient Bon tradition of scrying cards, used in prayer and for guidance. The images—in their format as cards—have been explored in a number of ways by myself and others. This includes creating a teaching wheel made up of nine groups, pictured below. An additional group called “The Hidden” includes two additional cards for each group, also described as “that which we cannot see”. We have learned that there are infinite ways to work with and be informed by these images.

I am currently offering a series of workshops called WellWork that use these Found in Transition images. Learn more at

The clearest description of the significance of these cards have been described by disincarnate Bon Master Ch’iang and Master Peony, as channeled by Nana Needham. Below, you can read more guidance about how these images can be used, in the form of quotes from the session.

About Found in Transition

Quoted excerpts from Bon Master Ch'iang and Master Peony, channeled by Nana Needham on May 2, 2021

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We have created an online forum to further discussion about the FIT cards and their uses. Share a post about your experience or read others'!

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