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Healing Work

I have three decades of experience as a compassionate, inspiring spiritual teacher. I strive to help those dealing with physical, emotional, and/or psychological challenges to move toward healing, wholeness, and strength. I trained across Europe and the U.S., completing a Holistic Health Practitioner certification in 1992.

My practice includes hands-on healing, specialized in Swedish and circulatory massage, deep tissue massage, lymph drainage, passive joint movement (Trager), structural integration (Rolfing), cranial-sacral therapy, polarity therapy (Randolf Stone), sound & vibrational healing, Tui Na, and Seitia Shiatsu.

As a teacher and mentor, I offer meditational and spiritual guidance inspired by my training in universal shamanism. I also facilitate group sessions, where we explore spiritual practices by tapping into the sacred power of the group field. I also work with systemic rituals and family constellations. 



Hingham, MA

I see clients in my cozy home office during the week for sessions that vary from 75 to 90 minutes, according to clients’ needs. To schedule an appointment, please email me at or call/text 508-228-9939.


Nantucket, MA

I see clients on Nantucket every other week throughout the year and with more availability during the summer. To schedule an appointment, email me at or call/text 508-228-9939.

Bikes at Amsterdam Canal

Amsterdam, NL

After years of practicing and seeing clients in the Netherlands, I still return regularly. For more information and location, email me at, or call/text (+1) 508-228-9939 or NL (+31) 06 28 94 74 29.

Remote Healing

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I began offering online healing and mentoring sessions via Zoom. At this time, I am once again offering in-person sessions, both in Hingham and on Nantucket on a bi-weekly rotating basis. However, if you prefer to meet virtually, I can be available.

My online sessions can include different modalities, such as meditation, shamanic rituals, constellations, energy medicine, and vibrational healing. To schedule a session or for more information, please email me at or call/text at 508-228-9939.

Inner Arts Institute Logo.png

The Inner Arts Institute

The Inner Arts Institute, offers and teaches traditional therapeutic and indigenous healing methods that build the capacity to live with strength, love, and authenticity as individuals, families, and communities.

As one of the therapists at the Inner Arts Institute, I guide Family Constellation workshops, which uses systemic approaches to heal family patterns that restrict the potential of individual growth.

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